My thoughts as i become a man

The thoughts that been going through my head now as i continue to grow everyday are freedom.
Free or  myself free of being in my own way and being my own down fall, and not losing  making every opertunity stick
The only thing  is to strive is to embrace the struggles and learn from it .  In my lifes struggles i could  write a book  that would probably entertain you and send you on a roller coaster ride through a dark side of life .  The kind of life that is just so evil and so sad because the circles i chose to be a part of . The key word is I , Ì was the one who made the mistakes if we are going to grow we have to take responsibiltiy for our own actions and today i take all of my actions and hold myself accountable  for everything no more blaming other for all the dumb things i do.  I respect  my growth and challenge life lets keep it going im ready for it all.